Burberry’s Employee Portal, BurberryWorld, is built using SAP software. The dashboard is customisable, users can add or remove components as well as rearranging them in any order to suit their needs. The portal is open for the client to decide what type of components they want to include for their employees. My role for this project was to design a dashboard interface that can be reused for different components.

Client: Burberry
Agency: Keytree
Tools: Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

I worked with a developer who was experienced in building with SAP and ensured that my design would work with the build whilst staying on brand. 


Widget components are designed to be responsive so that users can rearrange them on their dashboard. The portal is set to a three column grid, so I had to ensure that the components I designed would fit both one and two column settings.

Widget components fitting to one and two column grids.