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RSA Group underwrites insurance for Nationwide Building Society and other high street banks. Part of the 'going digital' feature they are providing their clients is a customer online account management where insurance holders are able to perform functions such as amending their insurance coverage, renewals and reviewing current policies.

CLIENT     Nationwide Building Society
TOOLS    Sketch, InVision, Abstract and Jira

What we need to achieve?

An inital site structure has been created by the previous team of UI and UX designers. They have since left the company and the business has added more requirements to be included to the site. Whilst Nationwide (NBS) has secured a bespoked design, the functionality of the site will be used across other brands.

What I did

The immediate task is to update the layout of the design so they fit with Bootstrap guideline and understand which of the existing design to keep. The new features will then be added seamlessly into the design which is actually more complicated than it sounds given that it needs to cover for all possible scenerios. I was fortunate to work in a highly collabrative and dedicated team where everyone was encouraged to give constructive feedback and challenged decisions on the user interactions.


The accounts landing page is where customer sees a brief summary of their policy (or multiple policies) and any important messages like renewal notification. Customer can also find links on the page to make a claim or file a complaint.


Mobile and desktop view of online account. Once user has logged in, they see a summary of their insurance policy as well as links to make a change to their policy, view documents, information on claims or to make a compliant.


Error message and notification content area - providing users with feedback on errors such as login issues or problem making changes to their account and an area on the Accounts landing page to display important messages such as users policy under fraud investigation or reminder to renew policy.


Due to the way information is stored on the system, there were certain design that were not technically possible at the time. One such issue is the way documents were presented to users. The inital design was to separate all documents according to when it was last updated so users are able to find the relevent information after making amends to their policy. However, the system could not retrive information on amended date so we had to abandon the design to separate the documents until the development team finds a solution.


Above: Proposed layout for displaying policy documents by ordering them according to the date they were amended.

Right: Due to technical restrictions, documents were not able to be listed according to amended date. This alternative layout is used whilst development team worked on finding a solution.



The components that were developed for Quote and Buy journery are adjusted to cater for additional functions required for making changes to policy during mid-term. The same simple and clear layout is adopted to break down all the different options available to users.


Mid-term policy adjustment - simple layout designed to make updating insurance policy and easy to comprehend task. Policy add-ons are broken into individual cards so users get a clear view on what is available and additional cost.



According to insurance regulation, insurancers are obliged to playback all details to the buyer and ensured that all information is clearly displayed to the policy holder. The result of this is a long scrolling page covering all relevent information on the policy. To make the page easier to navigate, I've introduced a side navigation where user can get an indication on the length of the page and provide quick link to content. 



Insurance is often seen as a confusing product leading to many consumers getting coverage they don't need or realising when making a claim that they didn't have the coverage they thought they had. RSA is determine to avoid that by ensuring that consumers have all the information they need in a clear and easy to understand interface. I was glad to be part of this project and have learnt a lot about to present information in a clear and easy to digest chunk. 

The two main hurdles on this project are picking up all the legacy work from a previous design team (which consist of mostly contractors) and understanding and catering for all the different user journeys. The business had de-prioritised this project months ago in favour of another urgent business needs and due to the sudden change in job scope, no handover notes were recorded and the team members have since left the business. Before any new design work begins, we had to understand which of the project requirements are outstanding and that the assets are still up to date. To avoid this from happening, myself and the other UI Designers started documenting all changes as we worked on the project which turned out very useful when we had another designer joining mid project as an emergency cover.


UX Designer - Adeola A.
UI Designers - Myself, Emma B., AJ
Product Owners - Andrew G., Meghan B.
Content Designer - Matt B.
Scrum Master - Tim G.
External on-site development team

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