Burberry is keen to push digital technology in their flagship store on Regent Street. They have asked Keytree to pitch some ideas on improving their customers’ shopping experience using interactive technology. 

By providing the floor staff with an iPad or iPhone, they are able to receive notification through their device directly from customers requesting assistance. The customers are then able to shop at their own pace without the need to locate a member of staff to assist them.

Working with the Head of Design, my role was to create visuals for the pitch. I designed a set of visuals for the interactive changing room, a leather goods display case and some boards for the pitch.

Client: Burberry
Agency: Keytree
Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator


The Interactive Changing Room

Interactive Changing Room
The interactive changing room. The mirror plays video of the current season's collection. When the sensor picks up items being brought into the changing room, those items are then displayed on the mirror.


Changing room - request a size
Customer can send a request to try on a different size or another colour.


Customer request on staff's phone
Sales associates on the shop floor get a notification on their phone of the customer request.


Changing background
Background imagery or video is fully customisable. Customers can choose a different setting and lighting.


Interactive Leather Goods Display Case
Customers looking to purchase leather goods will often require the assistance of a sales associate to bring a non-display item to the counter. By using an interactive display unit, customers can either place the item they are interested in on the unit or scroll through the available collection on-screen to send a notification for the item to be collected at the till.

Leather Goods Display Case
The interactive leather goods display stand.


The wallet placed on the interactive shelf is recognised by the system and the screen displays all the colours available for the product. Customers can choose to have the item waiting at the till for payment or perform the checkout at the display case.


Display case notification
Notification on the sales associate's phone of a product request from the display shelf.


I have learnt that for new technology to be implemented successfully, leading to further usage, it is important to provide a reason for customers to engage and to see a measurable improvement to company processes. By enabling interaction with the sales associates, the interactive display is given a purpose and the customer is empowered. The biggest challenge I faced working on this project was not having detailed information on how the customers currently prefer to shop within the store. My design is now enabling a prototype to be created, which will be used for user testing and then further iterations can be developed supported by more in-depth information on customer preferences.