A fashion and fragrance business based in Barcelona, Puig was looking to create a mobile app that showcased all their products and to introduce a customer loyalty reward scheme within the app. Most of their customers would not necessarily have heard of their company but would have used several of their products. The customers would need to have a reason to download and use their app other than for the loyalty scheme. 

They were also looking for some ideas and visuals for in-store kiosks. My role for this project was to design the high-fidelity screens for the mobile app based on a set of wireframes from the UX team and screens for the in-store kiosk.

Client: Puig
Agency: Keytree
Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

Mobile app
An initial brainstorming session for the app led to the decision to move forward with an idea to create a fragrance finder app. Users pick the type of scent they like, which will then show them some suggested perfume they might like to try.

High-fidelity design for the mobile app - login screen, setup intro and scent selector page.


User adding a particular perfume to their favourites and receiving notifications on promotions at retail stores.

Perfume users often tend to stick to a particular type of scent e.g. floral, woody, citrus. Helping the customer to find the scent they like can be time consuming, often involving each scent being tested individually or receiving advice from retail shop assistants whose availability can be limited during busy shopping periods. The app incorporates an augmented reality (AR) feature that shows the customer the type of scent for each perfume. Whilst in participating stores, the customer can simply point their phone towards shelves of perfume and see different scent 'bubbles' around the different perfumes indicating the type of scent. Tapping on these bubbles then brings out more in-depth information about the selected perfume. Customers can then check-out their purchases through the app, earning discounts towards their next purchase.

Using AR to help find perfumes based on the scent type.

User checking out their purchase through the app.


In-store kiosk
The kiosk is used to promote a particular featured perfume, it shows the customers the products in that range e.g. body lotion, face cream. Customers can perform self-checkout through the kiosk and have the item ready for pick-up at the counter. It also provides suggestions on perfumes that are similar which is handy for someone buying as a gift.


As a top-level pitch project, further iteration can be made upon securing the work. The design concept I proposed gave a demonstration of what could be achieved and can be improved on with the addition of further business requirements and consumer research.