The London Jam Factory needed a website to list all their products and information for wholesalers as well as an online shop for direct to consumer sales. It had recently raised funds through crowdsourcing, so the budget set for the website was fixed. The existing website was built by the business founder on the Wix platform and they were keen to keep the site hosted there so they would be able to update the site themselves.  

Client: The London Jam Factory
: Adobe XD, Illustrator, Photoshop

I started off the project by discussing the project directly with the business owner and came up with a list of content requirements. As the website was relatively small and straight-forward, the next step was to create the wireframes with content. 

Visitors to the site would mostly be wholesalers or individuals either looking for more information or to make a purchase. A long scrolling homepage worked well for this project as the content for each section is short and wholesale buyers are able to quickly locate the information they need. Most of the content was from their existing site, however, during my research I found a lot of great press articles for The London Jam Factory that were not referenced in the existing site and therefore decided to include a Press section on the landing page near to the Wholesale information.

The wireframes


The wireframes were designed from within the Wix site builder, some features had be be adjusted from the original plan during the build as although the drag-and-drop interface is simple for non-technical users, there was less overall control to the layout of the design and certain features were not available or were limited. Fonts were also limited to those provided within the site builder.

I have used black and white illustrations in the design in order to match the company logo. The client was keen on keeping the illustration style for their product simple, especially as their packaging was going through a redesign. I provided the client with a layered source file for the final product so they would easily be able to change elements such as the colour of the jams for future products.

The illustrationsThe jam selection
The illustrations - the jam categories, product feature images and a selection of jams.


My initial wireframes create a good base for when the business decides to move their online site to a more customisable platform. As this was my first project pitching and working with the end client on my own, I learnt to spilt my time between design and managing the project and client’s expectation. 

The limitations of the budget meant there was not much scope for research or engaging a developer to build a self-contained eCommence site, which meant being restrained by certain limitations of the Wix e-commerce platform, such as restricted ability to improve the user checkout experience. However, there is plenty of scope to further develop the site as the business progresses, such as moving to a WordPress solution.