Debenhams has seen a decline in registrations of Beauty Club when all stores were closed due to Covid-19 lockdown measures - this suggests that there’s a reliance on stores to drive volumes. 62% of online registered customers who ordered beauty products are non cardholders and by converting just 10% of these buyers to cardholders, it would have doubled the registration volumes.

Client: Debenhams
Tools: Sketch, Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator

The Problem

Majority of the traffic to the Beauty Club landing page are from emails (24%), SEO(16%) and the site’s product pages(13%). On Debenhams site, the pages that promote Beauty Club are Beauty top category page, Beauty product description pages (PDP) and order confirmation page. On theses pages, the content is too subtle and doesn’t highlight the value in joining.

Beauty Club landing page
In a single month, Debenhams sees 10K visits to the Beauty Club landing page and only 9.2% went on to register. Majority of the users visiting the page didn’t get exposed to the benefits for joining Beauty Club.

Existing Beauty Club exposure rateExposure rate of the existing landing page - only 38.1% exposed to the perks content


User Flow
There is also a problem with the process of signing up - 42% of users who tried to register don’t get to the Beauty Club portal during registration. For users who don’t currently have a Debenhams account, they are taken to a page to create an account which then takes them to the homepage. There isn’t any clear instruction on how they can join Beauty Club after they have created a Debenhams online account.


Registration User Flow

Existing user flow - after creating an online account, users are directed to Debenhams homepage instead of continuing the journey to signing up for Beauty Club card. There is no instructions on the site how they can join Beauty Club from this point.

The Solution

Landing page
Following the recommended wireframe from UX, I have created icon images to break up the content to make the page look visually more appealing and easier to scan. As there are content that goes below the fold, I’ve added an extra Sign Up banner mid-way through the page. This will minimise the need to scroll up to get back to the Call-to-Actions and increase conversion.


Beauty Club wireframesWireframes for the Beauty Club landing page provided by UX designer. Using this as a base for the UI design, I worked with copywriter to make the content more appealing by making the benefits more of a feature and shortened so it works better on mobile screens.


Beauty Club Landing PageBeauty Club landing page final design on desktop view


Beauty Club landing page - desktop tab and mobile view

Beauty Club landing page - 'How to join' tab content on desktop and mobile screens


User Flow
I've also updated the user flow to redirect users back to the Beauty Club sign up page after they've signed up for a Debenhams online account.


Updated User FlowUpdated User Flow - After users have signed up to an online Debenhams account, they are now redirected to the Beauty Club sign up page instead of the homepage


Beauty Top-category page (TCAT)
On the existing Beauty TCAT, the Beauty Club ad-spot was nested all the way at the bottom of the page. There was no content to promote the perks of joining. In order to increase the exposure rate I've moved it higher up on the page, right after the main ad-spots and designed it as a feature banner across the content area.

Beauty Club banner on TCATThe redesigned Beauty Club banner now highlights the benefits of signing up


As the volume of Beauty Club sign up has been consistent pre-Covid19, the sign up journey has not been reviewed for a long time. It was only whilst I was investigating on where call-to-actions should link to, I discovered that there is a problem with the sign up journey for non-Debenhams online account users.

The journey could be further improved by giving users the option to sign up for Beauty Club whilst they are registering for a Debenhams online account. By combining the two sign up forms, it will greatly reduced the time users spent on filling forms as well as potentially converting more users who don't normally buy beauty products from Debenhams to join the Beauty Club. Data needs to be collected once this has been implemented to review the volume of new sign ups and if there's a decrease in drop off rate.